Hi Friends,
Cool :)

It is my privilege to introduce myself in front of you. I am Ravindra Singh Choudhary. I completed my MCA  from “ADVENT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMNT & STUDIES UDAIPUR (RAJASTHAN).I have 1+ year of experience as a Software Engineer. This is my interest to write blog articles. This is not related with my existing company or any past company. Please let me know if you will find any wrong information on this Blog, I will immediately remove these information from this Blog. Also please let me know your suggessions, so that I can improve this Blog. If you will find any images or any information related with your website or your company on this blog and want to remove, please let me know I will immedietely remove that information from this Blog.

Friends as you know I.T. is a very hot field and technolgies are changning continuesly. So I think we should try to improve our self continuesly. My interest is in research and development. I have good experience on Apache Server,IIS Server, ASP.Net 4.0, ASP.Net 3.5, C#,AJAX, JAVA SCRIPT,Jquery, VB, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL,Wordpress CMS,JOOMLA CMS. I have good information these technologies. Here I sharing some faced problems and its solutions and also technological articles. I will try the best to provide important articles on this blog.

“Knowledge is the Antidot to fear”.





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