Data Grid Controls in PHP Or Best Three PHP Data Grid Libraries.

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This class can be used to display data from an SQL database in a sortable HTML table. It can execute a given SQL query and generate HTML and Javascript to display the data in an HTML table. The table listing can be sorted by clicking on the column header titles. Data grid tables can also be displayed using Ajax. 

  • PHP Grid with little config, enables Add, Edit, Del, Auto-filter, Search, Sort, Page, Grouping, Export, Custom Add/Del Calls, Master-detail Grids, Multiple Databases, Customizable Themes and many other features.
  • It’s Secure & Commercially Opensource so you can extend your own core functions.
  • Best suitable for smart engineers, who wish to save development time & effort of creating repetitive CRUD functions through out their projects.
  • Custom SELECT query option is useful for cross table data displaying and Reporting generation. PHP Datagrid Controlis extendable and you can write your own Custom Code-behinds for adding, updating or deleting records.
  • Supports all major databases including Mysql, SQL Server, Oracle, PGSql & ODBC Driver supported databases.

Data Grid Libraries  provides professional-looking Ajax-enabled grid-based editing, create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations for Web developers in as little as two lines of code. It features cross-browser inline editing, support for all HTML form controls, integrated search toolbar, a master detail datagrid, image display, MS , HTML and PDF data export, permission control, a theme roller, built-in record sorting by any column, support for major databases including MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, support for large database record sets, and some times WYSIWYG and Ajax file upload.

Best 3 PHP Grids are as Follows-

1. phpGrid



Create a fully functional datagrid in PHP for as little as five TWO lines of code.

The phpGrid is a simple, powerful and fully customizable PHP grid control for generating data-bound, AJAX editable datagrid…now with WYSIWYGand file upload support! .

phpGrid is a simple, powerful and fully customizable PHP control for generating data-bound AJAX PHP datagrid… now with WYSIWYG and Ajax file upload support!

phpGrid allow you to create a fully functional datagrid in PHP for as little as two lines of code.

Here are the keyfutures available:

  • Master Detail Datagrid
  • Multiple Editable Datagrids
  • Master with Multiple Detail Grids
  • Column Grouping with Summary
  • Nested Master Detail Grids
  • Theme Roller

2. koolphp


KoolPHP is a vendor of PHP User Interface (UI) components. We focus on building the featured rich yet easy-to-use components to help developers increase productivity and deliver highest quality applications within time and budget constraints. Koolphp is my 2nd best dataGrid that contains a group of great UI controls to help developer build excellent web2.0 application.

Key Features:

  • Cross-browsers compatible
  • Comply to XHTML standard
  • Feature-rich and easy to use controls
  • Abundant ready-to-use examples
  • Working with Zend, CakePHP, Joomla, Smarty.
  • Compatible with Prototype,jQuery, Mootools, Extjs

You can check the Demos

It has a free version with limited features and paid version(less expensive than phpGrid)

3. jqGrid



jqGrid is a grid component for ASP.NET & PHP based on the world’s most popular and flexible jQuery grid plugin.

jqGrid is a grid plugin for the JQuery Javascript library.

jqGrid is free, open source and gets distributed under the MIT license.

Key Features:

  • Works fine under IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • The UI comes in 20+ languages
  • CSS customizable
  • Paging and sorting
  • Search and filtering
  • In-place cell editing or on-the-fly form creation to edit a record
  • Supports subgrids and tree grid for displaying hierarchical data
  • AJAX enabled
  • Accepts XML/JSON/local array data sources

Free wrappers for  PHP and ASP.NET exist.

You can view the Demo



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