Photos: Leaked photo compilation for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

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We are less than day away from the expected unveiling of Apple’s newest iPhone — well, likely iPhones — and if the leaked images of the smartphones that have flooded tech blogs and news sites turn out to be accurate, there may not be a whole lot of surprises tomorrow.

Apple, once known for its secrecy on the development of new products, has seemingly been well exposed through months of leaked images of its new flagship iPhone, the iPhone 5S and cheaper model aimed at developing economies, the iPhone 5C. So, to ensure that you’ll likely be just as un-surprised as we will this Tuesday, we’ve compiled the best leaked pictures of these two devices for your gawking pleasure. Enjoy.

First, we have a series of photos of what is believed to be the iPhone 5S in new champagne and graphite colors, from teenage Apple super-sleuth Sonny Dickson. Much like 2011’s iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5S is expected to bring  hardware improvements to Apple’s current flagship phone, the iPhone 5, but no changes to the phone’s design.


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