Samsung Opens Registration For Its Very First Developer Conference

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Samsung is pretty much Apple at this point. It may use Android as the base of its products, but it builds its hardware around its own software and services. As such, the company is doing what every other platform holder does – host a developer conference.

Samsung announced today that registration is now open for the first annual Samsung Developers Conference. The conference is being held in San Francisco and will last from October 27 to the 29.

So, what can you expect from the first ever Samsung Developers Conference? The company’s wide range of Galaxy mobile devices will obviously be represented, but Samsung doesn’t just make the world’s most popular Android device. It also builds smart TVs and other software that it wants developers to create apps for.

Samsung won’t be exclusively sticking to Android devices at the event either as some of the planned events revolve around the company’s Tizen mobile operating system. Samsung may be using it to target low-end devices for emerging markets, and developers will need to know all about it if they want to cash in on the potential digital gold rush.

It should be noted that the most interesting aspect of Samsung’s Developer Conference is that it exists. Google already has the Android developer conference locked up with Google I/O. Sure, there are other conferences, but you go to Google I/O to learn straight from the people building the platform. For Samsung, its developer conference looks like another attempt to distance itself from Google, especially with the focus on Tizen.

With Samsung quickly matching Apple in terms of brand recognition, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Samsung ditch Android in the near future. It’s not like the company needs Android to be successful as long as it can provide the same user experience with its own software. This developer conference may be the first step in convincing developers


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